Why leaders meditate

Medical research shows that meditation

Practicing meditation and Mindful Leadership is a way to invest in your core ability to learn and grow in today's challenging business environment.  

    Most people do not succeed at a meditation routine

    Despite the onslaught of mindfulness & meditation apps, 80% of people who try meditation do not stick with it. 

    • Learning on your own is difficult. 
    • It's hard to find the time if it's not part of a scheduled routine. 
    • An app is not the same as a qualified personal teacher. 
    • It's hard to find a good space to practice.
    • Extended sitting sessions are hard for most people to begin with.

    This is Meditation You can succeed at

    We teach meditation in motion. Each session begins and ends with a seated meditation, but we will practice :

    • Breathing exercises
    • Coordination
    • Balance exercises

    You will finish the session refreshed, relaxed and ready.  Meditation in motion uses only slow movements and you can practice in most business attire, no need to change.  


    Sessions can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.  

    Sessions can be done at your office if you have a quiet space, or at a treatment room nearby.   Contact us and we'll work out the details. 


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