WHAT is Reiki ?

Reiki is a healing process which improves awareness. In fact, Reiki is a form of meditative practice

It improves clarity, transforms stress into vitality, improves sleep, and increases energy, creativity, productivity, concentration, resilience, flexibility & perseverance.

What can you expect

This is a meditative practice.  At first, we get to know each other.

We'll ask you a few questions and together we'll decide when to begin the treatment and what to focus on first. For the treatment there are 2 options: a practitioner can bring a table (a standard portable RMT massage table) to your office / home if you have a quiet, private space, or you can come to us on Main St, Vancouver. It's up to you.

The duration of the treatments is flexible, but it's usually around 45 minutes to an hour.

If you're away for business... or not in Vancouver BC, we can do Distance Reiki on you.  


Eric Sloan Founder  Mare.io

Reiki session at Launch academy Vancouver

"My Reiki session was very relaxing and intriguing"

Frédéric Etanchaud Guitar teacher - Music producer www.kozmicbirds.com

Reiki session at Suite Genius Vancouver

"My Reiki session did me good and was really powerful !"


Madison A. Dias Founder and Owner  Madison A Dias Wellness

Reiki session at Launch academy Vancouver

"I really enjoyed how relaxed I felt... Even the next 24 hours, I felt a positive shift in my energy level"

Peter McLachlan Chief Product officer, co-founder Mobify

Reiki is... an amazing feeling, like I had full night of restful sleep.

I feel... more grounded, creative.  A secret to unlocking more focus & productivity for the rest of my day.

Thierry Martino Founder & CEO of SoulFetish Jewelry and Harley-Davidson® Jewelry

Reiki is... a wonderful sensation of calm and peace. An easy way to relax

I feel... balanced and grounded. For a few days after the session, my mind was clear and decisions were easier to be made. I wish I will have more Reiki sessions soon.

Véronique Morel CEO of Dom'sitting  - Distance Reiki : France

Le Reiki est... une source d'apaisement, une bulle de bien-être, un moment suspendu dans le temps pendant lequel mon corps se ressource. [ Reiki is a source of healing, a true wellness moment, interrupted, to recharge my batteries. ]

Je me suis sentie...  apaisée, heureuse, bien dans ma peau. Un gisement de concentration et d'inspiration! [ I feel calm, happy, with a good sense of myself. A boost of focus and inspiration ]