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Journaling is a great wellbeing tool and The Human Journal is your best friend for a successful morning routine. It combines the benefits of different practices to start your day well connected with yourself and people around you.

1 day = 1 page

During our meditation retreat for leaders, we offer our guests the Human Journal. It is a beautiful compliment to our practice.


What do WE love about the human Journal ?

  • The combination of breathing exercises and journaling.

  • The focus on actions which leads to clarity.

  • The development of body awareness.


About the author : Luke Starbuck

The Human Journal was created by Luke Starbuck, a guy who has spent over 15 years finding ways to work more effectively and have better relationships, while recovering from some childhood challenges and managing the stress of a growing career.

Luke has a tireless passion and drive to explore the depth and breadth of the historical and modern ways people have approached life and personal happiness and satisfaction.



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