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Fitness & Therapeutic Exercise Seminar

  • Suite 300 948 Homer Street Vancouver, BC, V6B Canada (map)


Senzea is hosting a 2-day seminar on fitness & therapeutic exercises.  

Our purpose is to introduce physical exercises in general terms, for apparently healthy individuals, who do not have ailments, diseases or disorders that prevent them conform to the guidelines of normal physical exercise. It is advisable to consult a medical doctor before starting any physical or sports activity


  •  Improves and strengthens the immune, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.
  •  Regulates rates of hypertension, blood sugar and fats in blood.
  •  Improves psycho aspects (self-esteem, depression, anxiety).
  •  Increases intellectual and work performance capacity.
  •  Decreases the risk of injuries.
  •  Improves flexibility.
  •  Prevents osteoporosis.
  •  Decreases the risk of falls.
  •  Oxygenates the entire body.
  •  Eliminates toxins.
  •  Increases mobility
  •  Decreases aches and pain.
  •  Delays the effects of aging.
  •  Improves self-image.
  •  Improves sleep quality.
  •  Improves balance.

Caring about ourselves is essential to enjoy a more enjoyable personal, social and family life.

In this seminar there will be an introduction to therapeutic exercises for mobility & flexibility. The program includes cardiorespiratory and strength exercises, balance and breathing exercises, body alignment and postural hygiene, proper weightlifting technique and fitness nutrition information for the benefit of overall health. 

Your teacher will be Juan Hernandez, he's coming from Asia and he will be in Vancouver in September.

Please bring your own mat, towel & wear comfortable sport clothing. The seminar will begin at 9 am each morning and end each day at 5 pm. Time will be provided for breaks including lunch. 

This event has limited places. Please, book now to reserve your place before September 1st. 

Fitness & therapeutic exercise seminar
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It is advisable to consult a medical doctor before starting any physical or sports activity.