Senzea meditation in Motion

Why meditate?  

  1. Research shows that meditation reduces stress, leading to increased creativity and wellbeing.

  2. Meditation has been shown to improve long term brain function.

  3. Scientific evidence suggests meditation reduces the effects of aging by increasing telomere length, protecting against many age related mental illnesses.

Juan demonstrates a bow in the "Seiza position". 

Why use motion to meditate?

Many people have tried meditation through a meditation app or after reading an article on meditation.  Most people try and do not continue the practice, and very few people achieve a meditative state that is free of mental noise. We simply are not used to sitting still.  

Meditation in Motion helps you overcome these challenges using simple, slow movements and synchronized breathing exercises to clear your thoughts and focus your attention.  

Meditation in motion

Meditation in motion sessions include

  • Meditation postures

  • Deep breathing synchronization with movement exercises

  • Slow mobility exercises

  • Slow balance exercises

  • Self-massage elements

Senzea Meditation is the meditation I need. With deep breathing and stretching exercises, I don’t have any stress that I experienced with sitting meditation. After the session I feel fresh, pain free with lots of energy for a couple of days and I apply the self-massage techniques at work.
— Laure Marais,

Senzea Meditation in Motion Benefits

  • Stress reduction

  • Better concentration

  • Improved awareness

  • Increase oxygen uptake, facilitating the release of toxins

  • Flexibility

  • Blood circulation

  • Posture

  • Coordination

  • Balance

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Become a certified Senzea Meditation Instructor

Begin a new journey and become a Senzea Meditation Instructor  We will be holding workshops in August 2018 including:

  • Balance

  • Deep breathing

  • Mobility

  • Self-massage

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