The beauty of growing in integrity


by Juan Hernandez, PhD

 Aikido Instructor, Manual Therapist, and Personal Trainer 

Integrity can be defined as the state of being whole, undivided. It implies a sense of consistency and goodness as well. When we combine elements that favour the development of virtues such as serenity, compassion and gratefulness we can grow in integrity, growing in sensitivity and respect for ourselves, others and nature.

Centered on the acceptance of the natural imperfection, one’s beauty is the beauty of the precious serenity that comes along with age.


As human beings we are an integral whole, through different factors such as balance, attention, coordination, physical fitness, mental condition and the development of the senses we can enhance the growth of our integrity. Through practice we develop the senses, gaining in perception, sensibility and interaction capacity. By practicing techniques and exercises we strengthen these qualities.

Integrity also connotes quietness and freshness. It refers to natural changes arising from the process of aging as well, which adds uniqueness and elegance to ourselves when we are becoming more lighthearted.

A personal practice through which we naturally find the most basic natural objects appealing, beautiful and fascinating, for example leaves, changes our conception of the world to the extent that things that occasionally we may give for granted could make our lives more rewarding and interesting, while our perception grants to the object a greater loving and meditative value. As materials that age such as fabric and wood, become more fascinating when they show changes that can be seen over time.


Occasionally, objects appear for us as being simple, but they have subtle, precious details, for example consistencies or appearances of delicacy.

Appreciation of the balance between simplicity and complexity may provide us the rejoicing view of finding a new and enriched beauty while this enhances the growth of its intrinsic value over time.

We become able to find perfection in imperfection, in experiences and objects, both ordinary and extraordinary.  This can have a quiet purpose and beauty, as a matter of fact, a fresh intrinsic joy, a beautiful imperfection, beauty with internal implications.

When we contribute to the overall success of a group or team without having the intention of doing anything in order to make ourselves stand out individually, we enhance our capacity of working to bring awareness-like qualities into our hearts.

The beauty and the intrinsic essence of life can be found not just in artistic expressions but in everything around us as well including ourselves. This gives us a great opportunity to value existence. Walking the path to understand and experience this beauty is a step towards understanding and consciously recognizing the intrinsic life that underlies all.

Juan Hernandez