Meditation & Journaling for Leaders

21 sessions to Adopt a Healthy Morning Habit

APRIL 2nd - April 28th

  • Are you having a hard time adopting Meditation as a new habit?

  • You know that Meditation can improve your performance but you don't know how to do it?

  • You'd like to meditate but it's not fun or motivating to do it alone.

Join a group of like-minded leaders in downtown Vancouver to create a lasting change that will leave you the master of your morning routine. 


Isn't 21 days quite a few?

The program is designed to provide unlimited access to 21 sessions to help you form a new habit but if you can't do all, this is not a problem. Choose your own intensity and remember that progress come to those who practice!


What's included ?

  • The personal guidance of a meditation instructor

  • A guided "human journal" built from stoic principles and designed for this retreat

  • New skills for focus & creativity

  • A handbook for your meditation & journaling practice

  • Videos to practice your meditation at home

  • Certificate of completion

  • The support of peers - ambitious & energetic leaders in Vancouver

  • A private message forum with your instructor and peers



  • Meditation in motion + Journaling + Black tea

  • 90 minutes from 7 am to 8:30 am

  • Every weekday

  • From Apr 2nd to Apr 28th

  • A celebration of our commitment on the last day!

  • Price : $330 / individual

  • A group of 10 leaders maximum



A meditation based on Martial Arts : Meditation in Motion by Senzea

Meditation in motion is coordinated mobility and breathing exercises designed to help leaders in growing companies manage stress and boost creativity. The use of movement makes this meditation accessible even to the most fidgety go-getter. 

We will practice together :

  • Meditation postures

  • Deep breathing synchronization with movement exercises

  • Slow mobility exercises

  • Slow balance exercises

  • Self-massage elements

Frédérique Morel  Founder of Senzea, retreat facilitator.

Frédérique Morel Founder of Senzea, retreat facilitator.

How does meditation help you as a leader ?

Study after study shows that meditation is a great asset in your life.  It enhances your productivity by helping you  focus and lowering your stress. You think outside of the box, so it increases your creativity, your positivity, reduces mental snags, and helps with your relationships at the office.  

As an entrepreneur, I spend almost all my time thinking about my business.  What I love about meditation is the ability to become aware and live in the present moment. When I am with my partner, my family or my friends, I want to be "Fred" and let go of any other identification such as being the founder of Senzea. I love my work, but life is bigger than that, and my meditation practice lets me be present for all of it.


Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash


The Human Journal


This journal primes you to have a great day, not just within yourself, but in your connections with the world and to the people around you. It complements any meditation or gratitude practice, and provides an operational warm-up exercise for you to move from the disconnected you to the you that connects with the world throughout your day.

This is the antidote to autopilot, and a way to be more human, no matter how much you use technology during your day.

Luke Starbuck  Vice President Marketing at Linc Global

Luke Starbuck Vice President Marketing at Linc Global

This retreat is for you if you...

  • are a leader in the Vancouver area looking to use the power of a morning routine to have a more productive, connected day

  • tried seated meditation and found yourself overwhelmed by thoughts or energy

  • downloaded meditation apps or bought books about meditation but haven't yet succeeded in creating a regular practice

  • find yourself overwhelmed with stress and need some "you" time to renew yourself



Cancellation and refund requests must be received by Senzea a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the start of the session.

Senzea will confirm the cancellation request when it is processed. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Senzea as soon as possible at (604) 239-3180 or at



in Gastown


The studio is in the heart of Gastown - Vancouver


Holding Hearts Expressive Arts Studio is in the heart of Gastown at 55 Water Street -  suite #511

This beautiful corner of Vancouver is home to many lovely shops and cafes and is accessible by all types of public transportation.

If you are driving, there is a large parkade less than a block away.



Frequent Asked Questions

Why have a "retreat" in the city ?

The city is where we live, work, struggle and succeed. You don't need more awareness in a resort in a secluded forest, you need it in your daily life as it really exists here in Vancouver! You've experienced days when you had flow, where you were unstoppable.  No crisis could get in your way.  Your focus was unshakeable. 

Your morning routine is the foundation for creating consistency of flow.  


Do I need any knowledge of meditation ?

No previous meditation experience is required, everyone is welcome. 


Do I have to make it every single morning, or can I skip days if I'm traveling or too busy?

Leaders are busy and you do have obligations at work. For the dynamic of the group, we'll ask you to do your best to come, we would miss you if you're not coming. Your best is more than plenty ! We'll also share a private group chat, so you can send us a picture of you on your mat or a happy note that you meditated before you went for your talk and kicked some ass  -- we'll support you the best we can !


Why 21 days of meditation ?

21 days is the minimum time to rewire your habit... but, look closer at the dates, if you include the weekends, it's 27 days which is the minimum time to make new neurological connections. Our goal is to help you to be independent and give you tools to make your morning routines easier.


Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash


What do we say about Senzea Meditation in Motion ?

This was a really tremendous experience. It is unique and different to other things I have tried, like guided meditation, tai chi and yoga. It gave me a really great sense of peace in my mind and body, and was a cool way to connect with some new people too. Great conversations afterwards
The meditation in motion class Fred’ offers gives the opportunity to unwind and yet feel energized at the end! Find your balance through simple yet powerful movements with a heartfelt smile on your face when closing the practice! Thank you!
Can you be relaxed and energized at the same time? The answer is yes and I ended this session in the perfect headspace for the rest of my weekend! Frederique is a skilled and knowledgable guide, she helped me make the most of the session
My spouse and I had an fabulous experience during the Friday night meditation in motion with Fred. It was the perfect way to unwind after a busy and stressful week and set the mood for a relaxing weekend. Fred is a calm and grounding presence, as she leads you through the meditation with kindness and compassion. I highly recommend it for both novice and experienced meditators!
What a great experience. First time trying movement meditation and it was great. Wonderful space and Fred was fantastic at waling us through the process. My wife and I will definitely be repeat visitors